Q: No Cold Air from A/C Heat works though. on 1998 Ford Escort

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Once again I don't know much about cars. I know it doesn't need to be recharged. One day it just stopped blowing cold air. Air still come out just not cold. I read something about a ?CSRM? something like that. That could cause the air not to be cold, but it said there could be other problems too and I don't have any other problems with the car.
(1) Answer
This takes a little know how to try to diagnose these types of problems. What needs to be verified is that the system is truly fully charged. Then is the cycling switch for the AC ok. There are a few things to check before we go shooting for the Constant Control Relay Module (CCRM), that part is pricey. You have to have some knowledge of cars for me to try to tell you how to check it out. I recommend finding a good shop to help you figure this out, it will save you time and money. Good luck.