Q: No brake lights, 4-way or turn signals. Replaced switch at brake pedal,nothing. on 1995 Dodge Ram 1500

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Headlights and back lights work but no brake lights. Fuses for brake lights ok.
(2) Answers
Test , or have the hazard switch tested . Will NEED volt/ohmmeter for this NOT a test light. Brake and signal are the same bulb right? The next thing would be to check for broken wires under the truck , check continuity(ohmmeter) of wires from front to back.If you can get your hands on a wiring diagram , I always recommend that.
Check ALL the fuses you can find with a test light on each side of each fuse.
CHECK ALL!! A very simple test that dosen't involve any testers.
Unplug the brake light switch connector and jumper and look to see if
lights are on.
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