Q: No accessories on 1992 Toyota Corolla

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After me and my friend tried putting a newish SOny xplod stero in my 92 corolla hatch without a harnass something has gone wrong and now none of the accessories work the fuses in the fuse box are all ok (not blown)

we hooked up the wires red to red yellow to yellow and black to black is this correct if not what is the right way to connect wires
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The fuses I see in the circuit for the radio is a 7.5 Amp fuse marked radio and a 10 Amp fuse marked dome that protect the stereo.If when you turn on the ignition and nothing happens, no dash lights ect....
Check the 3 main fuses up at the battery, the main fuse links protect everything, a set of a 100A, a 30A and a 40 Amp main fuses.
No sir red to red and yellow is not appropriate i just did the same and had a similar problem. the wiring is as follows.
Radio Constant 12V+ Wire: Blue/White
Radio Switched 12V+ Wire: Gray
Radio Ground Wire: Brown
Radio Illumination Wire: Green
Power Antenna Wire: Black
Front Speaker Size: n/a
Front Speaker Location: n/a
Left Front Speaker Wire (+): Pink
Left Front Speaker Wire (-): Purple
Right Front Speaker Wire (+): Light Green
Right Front Speaker Wire (-): Blue
Rear Speaker Size: n/a
Rear Speaker Location: n/a
Left Rear Speaker Wire (+): Black
Left Rear Speaker Wire (-): Yellow
Right Rear Speaker Wire (+): Red
Right Rear Speaker Wire (-): White