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Nissan Pickup (D21) (30 Reviews)
Have had this truck 15 years. Bought with 59k miles. Always pretty reliable. Runs strong. Great 4wd v6 auto vehicle. Mpg is just ok. 18 19 mpg. Still very strong drive-train. Can go through 10 inches of snow. Limited slip 4wd posi drive-train. Bang for the buck I recommend this truck. Buying another is ridiculous. Since they keep jacking the price of the new trucks. I will just drive this hardbody for another 5 years.
my late husband and I bought our Nissan Pickup brand new, and we bought it because the wind-up size car was the fad in 1990 and the Nissan pickup was the only vehicle available to fit my husband's 6'4" frame. it turned out to be the best purchase we ever made. he died unexpectedly the next year in a motorcycle accident, and a man destroyed our lease by dumping my husband's mangled motorbike in the back and denting the body of the truck, so I bought the truck with my husband's insurance. being chronically ill, I don't drive much, so it has just over 75,000 miles on it, and that much only because I eventually moved 8000 miles from home. through the years it has been an absolute trooper. only now is it showing signs of serious wear and tear. the dashboard has cracked, water gets into the right headlight. there's a dent where a jerk in a jeep threw the jeep door open over the upper front fender of my truck and jumped into the jeep, then fled instead of dealing with it responsibly. all but one of the seat belts broke years ago, but we manage without the repair. the paint job is starting to go. those are the little, unimportant issues. right now the check engine light is on and it shudders. after 19 years, who can blame it? I've been through some horrible setbacks in those years, but I could always depend on my truck to be solid and take me where I need to go. if anyone were to let go of their 1990 Nissan truck and I had the money to buy it, I'd be very interested. that's pretty unlikely, though. for one, no-one really wants to let go of them, and for another, I don't have the money to repair my own, the cost of bad genes and bad health is too high. I love that truck, and feel bad for it that it's finally feeling poorly.
95 Nissan pickup-best small pickup ever. Bought it in 2003 w/ 80K miles now has 192k on it. Runs great. No complaints. Paint is fading but my daughter's BF is a body man so I'm going to have him paint it for me. No plans to get rid of it for a long while.
I bought my girl in 1991 with minimal repairs since. 250k and going strong. Brakes, tires, shocks and such but what a good truck. oil every 3k since I bought it. Lasted longer than my marriage.
My 1993 D21 just turned over 244000 miles & still runs strong.
Only repairs done (other than regular upkeep)replace the idler arm @ 243000 & a rusted out fuel tank. (very hard to find a "good" used tank.)

The oil has been changed every 2000-3000 miles & a clutch last year.
Takes a lickin' & Keeps on tickin'!
Great runner, easy maintenance, just clicked 450,000 kms 3rd owner. Now in the process of customizing
i bought my nissan truck right off show room floor,its been a great little truck,that said,about 6 months ago ,i thought i had a alternater problem,replaced 3,lol,then i took it too a mechanic,he said its not the alternater,FOR YOUR MODEL NISSAN,1995 NISSAN D-21 SHORT BED,U CANT BUY YOUR BELTS FROM ANY AUTO STORE,THEY HAVE TO BE NISSAN BELTS,AND HE WAS RIGHT,STARTS LIKE A TOP,HMM,I THOUGHT ITWAS SOMETHING MAJOR
that is a nice truck you my freind.
I bought my pickup used 11 years ago, with 32,000 miles on it. It ws my work truck for 10 of those years and now has 301,000 miles. Only major repair was replacing the distributer about 3 years ago. Oh, and one alternator. Great truck, no plans to sell it. It's retired from work and is now my personal vehicle.
my dad bought this truck in 1993, it had 120 miles on it because it was a test drive truck. it went from a daily driver to a weekend/beach truck then when i turned 16 it turned back into a daily driver. replaced the clutch at 125,000 and the exhaust at the same time (it disintegrated because of rust). this truck has been through hell and back. we've driven it through sand, mud, water up to the frame, snow, anything you can think of. it has 140k on it now and i'm in the process of replacing spark plugs and wires and the valve cover gaskets. all in all it's a very reliable truck
I bought a 1990 nissan d21 and i just put a wooding bed on it. The fram is great. Everything on the truck is in great shap just the bed was ruted out but that it. It has miles and it starts every time with no problems. The best truck i ever had. Just the steering gear box licking next to the steering sheft. Looking for a cheap steering gear box or find the new seal for it and put them in. But Its a Good little truck.
I have two D21's, a 1993 and 1994. The 93 has 280K miles and still kicking. It has been the best of the best. It is so good I found a 94 with 150K. The frames are bad to rust out. I had the rusty 93 frame reinforced on both sides. The controls for the heater and AC are my biggest problems. Otherwise, they are dependable. Best engine ever!
when putting truck into reverse it is slow to engage.
I have a 1991 Nissan Pickup SE with 208,000 and runs really great!
have a 1989 nissan pick up with 145k miles and runs well for the most part.
Awesome truck. I paid $9999 + tax (after rebates) for it brand new in April of 97. We bought 2 (my Dad and I). He had a lot of time gear issues and was in the shop 6 times before 22,000 miles. Mine has never been in and only had two issues and it now has 274,000 miles. The alternator went out right after warranty. I took it to a local alternator shop (there were no replacements in town) and he "rebuilt it" for $25. He said that it failed because it had anti-freeze in it (I had a loose hose clamp earlier in the month that caused a leak). I finally replace the alternator but it still lasted 250,000 miles. The second problem was the idler pulley for the power steering pump (and it lasted 270,000). The truck is still running strong (original turn signal bulbs, brake lights, even original rear brakes (the front has been changed 3 times), original clutch, transmission, original exhaust, COLD AC, ... And when I got it new I was in my 20's and drove it HARD.

If I knew that I was going to keep it this long and put this many miles on it, I would have taken better care of it (but then again, it might not have been as good of a truck).
i have one almost 20 years so dependable
Until 3 weeks ago, my '95 Nissan Pickup XE has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. It started every time I turned the ignition. The only problem areas I have experienced were with the alternator, starter, and passenger side turn signal. The alternator has been replaced 3 times. I am not sure why alternators go out in this model. The starter was replaced due to wear & tear. The turn signal light bulb holder/wire assembly had to be replaced due to corrosion. Recently, I had to replace the distributor because I installed the wrong model rotor & cap, which destroyed the distributor. I have not had much success with replacement distributors. The first replacement lasted 7 days before failing. The second replacement is causing my engine to perform poorly. Not sure if this is due to the part or the mechanic who installed the distributor. (I'm not the mecahanic) Overall, this truck was a great purchase. It's not the fastest vehicle on the road, not the prettiest. But, it has been reliable. And that goes a long way with me.
Great truck!!!! I worked the hell out of it. gravel, wood wet sand etc massive torque.I can hold up to the big V-8's. Undergoing some TLC right now, she deserves it after 5yrs of punishment ,I have no complaints....
bought mine from an ebay classified ad. 1991 with 139,394 on it. came with all receipts showing the upkeep that was done by the man i bought it from, who was only the second owner. drove an hour and 15 minutes to pick it up for 700 bucks. a/c works and the body is excellent. apart from the peeling clear coat and no power steering, i have zero complaints
my mother god rest her soul left me this truck it has 160,000 miles on it clutch just went out but its my fault i towed a 7 thousand pound car 400 miles strong and sturdy truck common failing is the guides for timeing chain other than that its gold i would give up a nut before i give up my truck good luck with yours but i dont think u will need it
i have a 93 hardbody and everything on it is still stock and it has 245,498 miles on it and it still runs great
I traded for this truck; it's a regular cab with only A/C and power steering which is all I need. So far the truck has about 225,000 and seems to run well, though it's dog ugly and has some issues (not unexpected considering it wasn't taken care of ); the rear brakes were shot and leaking fluid for months, the body is rusting all over, the interior smells like a high school gym in the south (dip, sweat and musty carpet), the A/C compressor won't come on, several lights don't work, the steering wheel is just a metal rim and it needs front end work. Otherwise, the potential is there to make this my weekend project car.

One great thing about these old trucks is the availability of junk yard supplies. I picked up a spare rim, taillight, brake reservoir cap, rear view mirror and several interior trim pieces for $40 cash. Try getting any of those at the stealership for close to that (the brake reservoir cap alone was over $20, and they had to locate one). In fact, I found several Toyota and Pathfinder rims that would fit for cheap and may upgrade to 15's at some point.

Overall she's rough but is a lot fun to drive even in sad shape. I can't wait to get all the age out and get it right and road ready. Great little truck that's easy to fix and make pretty.
Drag Race Truck. Used during race season. Carb. 6cyl. Front end vinyl wrap.
My second Nissan Truck... I am @ 215,00, well on my way to a 300,000 mark.... oh & I just changed the timing belt.... How sweet it is...
I bought my Nissan (92) new in 1991. It had 4 miles. I have 145,000 miles on it now and it runs like a champ. Keep the oil changed and this truck will last well into 300,000 miles. I get offers to buy it all the time. I call mine "Bernie." I own a BMW but Bernie is always my preference. Love this truck.
I got truck from parents,they towed it all over,I put a new battery in and new tires,I do LIKE that it is 4 cylinders
Best truck I have ever owned
worth the money?! paid $8.5k w/ 35k miles5.5 years ago. i now have 409,500 and the odo broke for about 11k. i still drive 400-500 miles a day in it. the first 300k was pizza delivery. never shifted below 4grand. now i am on the highway with it and the only complaint i have is 3200 rpm @ 70 mph. 27.5 mpg is great considering the mileage. its great for a truck period.
This truck took an amazing amount of punishment from me. I did have issues with the peeling clear coat. The manual transmission crunched in 2nd gear, and there would be a false check engine light that would come on periodically for no real reason. Other than that I was impressed with the amount of abuse the truck took and kept on going.