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It doesn't do it all the time. But happens when I'm driving and am using the gas pedal and stops when I let off. Doesn't do it all the time but it has the noise and vibration like you run over the line on the shoulder and hit the bumps.
The electric fan on the radiator has stopped working. I stilled had air but you had to be driving it. Now the AC button only comes on when the fan in the xterra is on level 1. Problem is Level 1 on the fan no longer blows the fan motor. Levels 2,3 and 4 turn the AC button off and the blower on but I get no air conditioning. So I'm thinking bad fan and bad resistor card for the blower motor but that doesn't explain the turning off. What's the going rate to replace the fan and the resistor card? Any other ideas?
The door will unlock but not open. Even from the inside. Is this a common problem and how much is it to get it fixed?
My check engine light has been on. I have to keep putting antifreeze in. But two days ago I shut my car off and it bubbled and shot all the antifreeze out the reservoir. So I put a new thermostat in. It ran good for a boutique 2 hours. Then all the sudden i heard a little pop and the boiling started again. All my antifreeze blew out again.
Truck is in park and will not start. Is acting as if not in park, the P R N or D doesnt show on the panel.
Would prefer to only use certified parts.
Works ok when outside temp is above 30, no steady heat below that. Not affected by anything, coolant level per specs, 96K miles, no leaks.
The the guage shows almost full and the check engine light will go on.
2013.Made payment's for over 3 year's on time and never a missed payment.I have about a year left and the transmission stopped working due to cross-contamination.I googled this and found that this was a known problem with the 2008 Xterra and that there is a class action law suit because of it.The finance company is still owed over $6000,by me,and it will cost me $4,200 to repair the Xterra.I don't have that kind of money and i am on a fixed income.They will repo and my credit will be no good.Is there any thing i can do to get my Xterra fixed that i can pay over time?I tried a personal loan but i have too big of a debt load.Now i have another car and it is going out on me.What in the world can i do?
I cannot find the 71 complaints where would they be.
Is that legitimate? Now that they replaced that bearing the whole truck vibrates when I accelerate & there is squealing noise that comes from the front when I accelerate. What might have caused this?
When I turn the steering wheel to the right or break, my car is squealing, like metal on metal and it feels like something is rubbing. The mechanic i just brought it to is saying it's my a/c compressor deteriorating internally and my serpentine belt is cracked. My a/c works, it does NOT squeal when i turn it on, I thought for sure he would tell me it was breaks, rotors or something with the steering or axle. Is the mechanic lying to me? What could this be?
front end vibrations
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