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It lets you drive little stops
My vdc (off) and slip light is on and service engine soon light on the dashboard
The car turns on but we just can't get the key out of the ignition it stays on acc
Had been sitting for about 5hrs went to crank it wouldnt start and it backfired through muffler and exploded the muffler
beep last longer then any other beeping ive ever herd
I took my vehicle to a mechanic to have basic maintenance done oil changed front end aligned brakes change Exedra now it won't start. They say the key has deactivated itself why would this happen
How much is going to cost me.?
brother said need to replace catalytic converter
I bought my 2007 Xterra a year and a half ago from Nissan. It worked fine until I took it in February 2015 for inspection and drove away with my fuel guage all of a sudden reading empty and check engine light on. I had just filled my tank. I took it back to them they wanted to charge me $400 plus to fix it. I complained researched online and say the recall that included 2006, 2007 and 2008 Xterras. Nissan National declined my truck under the recall saying the vin was not part of the recall. What if anything can I do? Been just monitoring my mileage and filling up that way.
I had brakes put on in december, they were still squealing took my truck back they claim I needed the rotors resurfaced, had that done in december as well, my brakes still sond terrile. Is that normal to have them resirfaced so soon
With fuel starter engine runs but dies . won't pump gas
When I start my Nissan Xterra 2007 in the morning, it makes a loud annoying sound. After a few seconds, the noise goes away. When I shut off the engine, then restart it, there is no noise. It almost seems that there is something that is not lubricated that's making the noise. After I let the car cool down for a couple of hours, then start it, I hear the noise again. Any ideas what could be making that noise? Thanks, August.
A mechanic looked it over, he's had my car to replace the fuse box for two months now. And now i got it back today. I tried starting it one time and it started without a problem, i tried it again an hour later and had to crank it 3 times before it finally started. I recently had the immobilizer, knock sensor, fuse box replaced and had to have the starter fixed because it was not working. Can you help me.
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