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Fog lights installation instructions
Can not turn on the A/C without the temperature going way up.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Driving faster makes it better.
How long have you had this problem? 2 days

What seems to make the problem better or worse? It constant
How long have you had this problem? A week
Not getting fuel
Sometimes it will run good at about 1000 rpm sometimes 2000 then sometimes it will be at 3000 and stall out then wont start. I replaced the throttle body and my boot going i to the breather box with the maf sensor i black taped because it had a hole. I heard u may have to relearn your idle? Will someone please help this is crazy it is winter and i have a two year old i cant keep breaking down!!
The starter and battery have been replaced. We thought it was a bad key but still have problems with another key.It makes a click but nothing happens. The positive terminal will get very hot. A few minutes later when tried it will start right up.
my xterra, out of a sudden shuts off while in low speed, like while turning in a corner or exiting a parking lot, and now I have the VDCoff and SLIP lights on for the rest of the day, and every time it takes longer to start and the engine shakes abruptly... something happens overnight since in the morning the lights are off, Then, the whole thing starts all over again. But wait, then it starts happening while you are on the highway at high speed as well out of a sudden, you feel a jolt, vehicle shuts off and on again and the lights come on once more, this usually happens when you change lines and your tires go over the rumble strips or pavement markers, so I imagine it will be a sensor as well, that is if someone ever finds for certain why this happens, This already caused me a small accident and rear ended another nissan, a sentra. Karma???
I took it in and they can't find anything wrong with it, my check engine soon light keep on due to the faulty gas leveler, since once de needle goes up, le check engine light comes off.
Since the computer does not throw any codes for this issue i looked up on line (Thx God for Google) and found that is happening to a lot of people that are already complaining of costly repairs that did not solve the problem, as well an array of "possible reasons" for this to happen (I've checked ALL of them)
How much cost to repair the valve gaskets and intake gaskets on my 2006 nissan xterra
The SLIP light comes on and vehicle slows down. Horrible experience ! Once I put the VDC off on my 4X4 the vehicle runs normally. Am I exposing myself to any dangers running the truck with the VDC off?
A few days ago my I was driving down the street & my Xterra began to stall in speed. I could press the accelerator to the floor almost & wouldn't go past 20mph.Pulled over & it wouldn't reverse or go str8. Had it towed & it drove just fine on to the flatbed. Took it to mechanic next day & had a transmission flush done. It looked & smelled like burnt oil. Chocolate milky like. It ran fine during first test drive then took another drive & the stall was still there. Now I'm told it is the transmission pulley??? Is this the best way to go or just simply replacing the transmission. I just DON'T want to be taken advantage of. I am a single, hard working Young female who tends to find men on these lots & shops who have told me anything to benefit them & just need truth & unattached "looks" advise. They always trying to talk to me on a more personal level until I show NO interest in them but business & then, I seem to get done over with NOT worth advise & purchases. Just bought the truck end of Nov. Only has 123K miles but I travel ALOT with work in this vehicle so they are really ALL Hwy miles. I want to do whats SMART!!! Please help!!!
My Xterra has 177,000 miles on it and the seals in the rear axle are leaking. The dealership said the whole axle has to be replaced for around $2500. In addition it didn't pass inspection due to emissions, possibly a bad catalytic converter. I just replaced both rear leaf springs with OME Dakar springs since the drivers side leaf spring snapped, this was the third time a leaf spring broke on my Xterra. I don't even go off-roading or tow a trailer or carry heavy loads. At least the new springs won't break again. Is it worth getting the needed repairs done or is am I just throwing money out the window?
My service engine light was on for the catalytic converter 420 Bank 1 and emissions. I had the cats replaced and the 420 code came back on in <50 miles. The mechanic check tested the catalytic converters on both banks and everything is working correctly. Does anyone know what might be going on? I am unable to pass my smog check because of the service engine light still being on.
The gauge was pegged HIGH. So I replaced the oil pressure sensor with a aftermarket one. When I turned on the car the gauge was reading low and the light turned on. I left the car running and unplugged the oil pressure sensor and the light was still on. Did I get a defective oil pressure sensor ? thx.
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