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Sometimes i'll go to start my 2005 Nissan Xterra turn the key and I get absolutely no sound and car won't start. I have checked the battery cables, they are fine. This does not happen all the time only sumtimes!
My oil reader goes down when i come to a complete stop,and when i drive it,it will come back Up to the middle.
when the car is on motion, after may be 5 to 10 minutes of driving, the engine stops immediately, trying to start becomes difficult. when the car eventually starts, movement is slow,climbing the smallest hill is difficult. i have changed fuel pump but no way out. if the car is parked for may be an hour or two, it will start again and move for another 5 to 10 minutes before it happens again. during this process, the car shakes and throttling is slow. please repair pal what do you think is the problem. Thanks.
Ran perfect when I shut her down, no overheat/engine noise, etc
when the car starts, i try to raise it but when it reaches 2 rpm on the pointer, it begins to jerk or vibrate and continous fire will put it off. but will move if i drive between 0 t0 1.5 rpm. why and what is the cause of this problem?. on diagnose, it says cam shaft A. after trying several old sensors, it worked for a while and the same thing happened again, why and what is the cause?
how much is parts and labor
i had my transmission replaced and now they are advising me I need a new engine and I need a second opinion. How much would a rebuilt be? I feel like they damaged my car.
2002 Nissan altima can shaft censer.
It takes like two min to crank I have to continuously hold the key over for two min until it cranks what could that be
I got a P0303 First, tried to fix it then later got a P0300. Replaced spark plugs. Still got p0300. The car revs high on start up then goes back to normal idle. When driving I can feel it misfire sometimes when I step on the gas and seems like low power.
The noise comes from under the dash on the passenger side and quits after after approx. 3 seconds or more. It happens every time the system is turned on.
I've removed the cabin filters and looked for a door (as one repair pal recommended) but could not find it inside th filter compartment
When I attempted to pull off from a stop it was very difficult to go. Once it pulls off, it drives fine. No previous problems at all. Any suggestions?
Nissan is not shifting properly the transmission just had work done to it and put back in place, and now we are finding theses errors...

Need help locating then except I have found P0122, and what other advice you may have..
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