2004 Nissan Xterra Questions

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Louder on windy days and gusts of wind. The noise generally starts around 45, but not all the time...ALWAYS at Highway speed. Thought it was the trim, but can't find any loose pieces.
A mechanic suggested this says it runs warm. It has 110,000 miles
Timing belt went off
There is a loud rattling coming from the engine/wheel well area in front of the passenger seat. We already fixed the sway bar link and the noise still persists. Can’t see any other obvious problems. A rattle also happens when starting it and sometimes idling. This all happened after going over a bad washboard road. Could it be the starter?
Own this Suv for 3 yrs. Service Engine soon light is on. It has 107,000 miles. Code says thermostat but I'm curious about the timing belt or is it a timing chain.

Thank you for any help!!
I can charge battery will run and no lights on but then shut it off and its like the battery goes dead do I need an alternator
I was driving my 2004 nissian exterra down the road i came to a stop light and my car shut off i went to crank it over it would not start back up i have replaced the ignition coil the ignition module the crank positioning sensor throttle positioning sensor and distributor cap there is still no spark but will still crank over what could be the problem
My Xterra revs up for no reason while driving it on days that it I could go to three days driving it it doesn't do it then I could drive to three more days and it will rev up at any speed that I'm going for no reason and it's jerk s A little when it does that
we ran bad gas in it had water in it cleaned it put fresh fuil cleaned the injectors replaced starter could it of clogged the catylac converters
I can smell that it's getting fuel. It's like something is caught in her throat and she can't breathe???
Recently installed by me. im having extreme power loss but the car never really dies, or havent seenit, the abs light comes on so does airbag indicator light
After I stop after been driving for awhile have to wait and let the truck cool down before I can restart the truck. It acts like the batter is dead.
Have replaced starter 4 times in past year. Mechanic says rear main seal is leaking oil onto starter. Will washing starter in car wash help it last longer? Could there be another reason for starter to fail so often? Radio, lights, power windows all work, not even a click when key is turned.
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