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My tail lights won't turn off evn when my car and switch is off, what would cause rhis and how can I fix it?
I had replace the serpentine belt according to instructions but still comes off once in while when it is running.
I am on the hunt for a performance camshaft for the 3.3l supercharged motor. I also am looking for a performance chip that will work in a manual 2002 xterra. I have been searching for awhile but struggling finding them. Thanks
I have a 2002 Nissan Xterra (V6 automatic 4WD) with 152,000 miles. I just bought it and, when I first got it, the previous owner had just installed a new muffler. The car had an exhaust leak; my wife took it to a muffler / exhaust shop and they identified the problem, made the repair.
I am getting fumes inside the car; there isn't any noticeable ticking, hissing or tapping so I am not hearing the typical signs of an exhaust leak. I have heard that these cars have a tendency to have cracked exhaust manifolds but, if that was the case wouldn't I hear some noise or get a check engine light?
It warms up, then strarts to sputter. When it sputters the lights dim. I had a few codes for crankshaft sensor and knock sensor replaced both including everything on top of engine. Still same problem. Replaced fuel pump and filter. Plugs wires battery battery posts. Checked fuses for most part but I don't know if there are some I might be missing. Any ideals might help!!! Please any!!
Hose blew didnt drive stopped walked to parts store got hose replaced it cranked runns good but think some kind of sencere maybe out it start spracticly idoling high then low now idoling high getting worse is there a sensor that may be bad
When trying to put the car in drive it stutters then stalls out
engine noise, low compression
The mechanic did a fuel injection tune up but it hasnt solved my problem. It runs rough
We have put in a new timing belt, water pump and gaskets, we have changed all the belts, and we have replaced the knock sensor because it came up with a code that the sensor was bad. It runs good but will not start all the time it will go for about 2 to 3 weeks and then won't start. We have has the starter checked, the alternator, the battery and all are good. When I push the brake and the gas pedal at the same and time and then turn the key it will start, but some times I have to do it several times for it to connect. Please anyone with ideas please help me. you can email me at
Thank you!
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