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The vehicle runs fine in park but if I'm in drive and come to a stop it starts chugging. When I accelerate it chugs a little and the service engine soon light flashes. That last for about 10-15 seconds then goes away until I stop again
My parking lights wont go off, ive pulledfuse to keep Battery from killing it and causeing other problems, my blinkers work, and break lights work when pushing on break, but when turning the headlight on they dont work, only when holding it back on the high beam. So I changed fuse in the fuse box in the truck , boght light bulb for driver side10$, changed relay 38$, and still remain on, i think i could hear clicking under steering wheel when after starting it, when roll widows or doors open on top of when its buzzing. I checked the break pedal, that that seems to be intact, so im thinking could be switch for lights in the dash? My mother had simular problems with her ford, and hers was switch inr dash. im hopeing its not wireing Ive only owned for bout 3 weeks.
I can be driving and all of a sudden the dash lights, gauges, and radio stop working. Blinkers still work. Most of time they come back on in a short time. Only seems to notice this at night because i have been watching the radio light in day time. Alternator has been checked. Any ideas. Thank you.
does my Nissan xterra 2000 3.3 have a engine cooling fan?
When I start my veh. and start driving it goes into high gear like 3rpm or 4 rpm whatever that is when its is suppose to be in 2 at a speed of 30mph. It eventually shifts out but very slowly and it does not accelerate correctly unless Im already driving at a high speed. The odometer reads 255530 something but the engine wasvreplaced and only has about 150000 miles on it or less. It does this very often to the point I dont frive on interstate because of the lack of acceleration. Is this something that can be fixed without a hefty mechanic bill. Please help?
3.3l v6 Nissan Xterra
I have replaced the cap and rotor, plugs and wires. What else can cause this? Thank you!!!
Changed alternator on my 2ooo xterra v6 4x4 now it wont shift gears .i was told it was in limp mode .how do i get it out of it
When i turn the key to start the car there is nothing,lights come on but nothing happens when i try to start it
My high mileage 3.3 xterra does great but engine lacks the get up and go it should have and well it feels like it's working to get there more than it should my question is can my cats be cut or cleared out and can that help the issue or do I need to replace some fuel injection and delivery parts? Or do some ignition and distributor repairs and upgrades
The driver's side fixed cam assembly broke while changing the brakes. This is a discontinued part. Can I operate the vehicle in 4 wheel drive with only one of the front tires engaging or in 3 wheel drive without wrecking it?
It just started today. I finally took out the fuse but cannot drive this way. What do I do?
car loosing power,smells like rotten eggs
I ran out of gas so I put in about 3 gals to get to the gas station but then my car just would not start up. So my question would be what could be the problem with my car???
TPS sensor was replaced in my 2000 Nissan Xterra now want shift out of second gear the RPMS just gos up high.
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