Q: Nissan won't start but All my lights, radio, and dashboard lights are working on 2007 Nissan Murano

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When I try to start my Nissan the entire dashboard every light comes on and stays on for one. I don't believe it is my battery cause the radio comes right on as well but its making an AWFUL SOUND when I attept to start it. A sound I have never heard before in my life. Its not your basic ticking sound as if it were the battery either. It's not even close to that sound so I am confused. I know the basics with auto repair but again I have never heard this type of sound when attemping to start a vehicle. I just listened to it again and it actually sounds like a zapper sound an electric zapping sound then when I stop trying to start it then it sounds lower sound but still zapping for another 5 secs. I'm guessing its the alternator. Am I right?
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Could be an alternator causing a battery problem. Keep in mind that the lights need way less juice to come on as opposed to cranking the engine. Check all battery connections for tight and clean and try jump starting it. You have not said whether you tried that or not.
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