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The lights, radio, dashboard lights and everything come on fine. But I have to rev my car while turning it on or it turns right off. Problem happened this morning when I tried to leave for work. All my fluid levels are fine. Please help .
I would like to know the basic steps to changing the serpentine belt on my versa, i.e. do I ahve to take wheel and fender well off or can I just loosen the tensioner...
My gear shift gets stuck in park and sometimes it can take a few minutes to get the button to push in for me to shift. I have read other forums that it could be a solenoid issue. Are there any solutions or recalls for this issue?
How much is it to replace the power steering unit if it goes completely out.
New manifold exhaust seal installed last week. On the interstate the car just shut down suddenly. Battery's good n the starter too fuel pump is working fine too. Still won't turn the motor over
Now car won't start, Dash lights are on and when I turn the key I hear a click, but car doesn't turn over.
I just got a oil change last Saturday and I've already burnt half my oil.
Just started last night how much might this type of repair cost muffler? Possibly just loose? 100k miles
Louder than normal idling, rattling somewhat as well.
everytime i hit a low spot in the road or dip.. i hear the front end slightly scrape the road ... or ... the tire rubs against the inside upper wheelwell? is this a need to replace shocks in front? brakes are fine ... this just started yesterday pm.. 6/19/15.. if so.. where is the most economical place in south orlando fl that i can have this serviced? a reputable mechanic with warranty and no rip off.. have experienced rip offs too many times in the last yr or so... thanks??? bbre..
Had my car a little over2 years and frame bearings are out costing me 1,100 with the charges for labor
Sevice writer said drain and refill every 15000 miles.
Son-in-law jumped me off (Ford F-150), cranked right up and I let car idle 15-20 minutes. Asked wife to go out and cut it off. She did and tried to re-crank, nothing. She has Honda and tried to jump, Versa would barely turn over but would never crank. Took battery to Advance Auto, battery is fine (13.1).

Came home, re-installed battery, now all I get is continuous clicking when key is turned. All fuses at bsttery terminal are intact. This would be the starter, correct? Cannot find anything on web on how to change starter in this type of vehicle. I've changed starters in other cars.
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