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My trunk won't open using the button at the back and I need to replace a burned out breaklight. Where is the latch to manually open located?
Just started, car has been sitting for couple months.
I have spoke to some people say there is enough room if it is transmission and engine are separated without taking it out of the car
the problem just happened. this is the first time
When I put key into trunk it won't unlock or open the trunk does Nissan have a keyless entry or a latch inside car anywhere I can't find one???
The car has been running fine until i tryed to start the car this morning. All it does is cranks.
the 60000 miles sevice package including perform wheel alignment, brake fluid replacement,coolant engine coolant exchange,automatic transmission fluid. My car is nissan versa 2010
There was no code of any kind given, and "no repair option given." I turned off the car, and then when I started it up, the fuel said I was on E. I had over a 1/4 tank. I put more gas in the car, and the indicator went up to 3/4 tank, which should have been about right. SES light still on.
Shop recently replaced my plugs, had to take intake manifold off to do so; Since then, car has been running worse and worse; Check engine indicates misfire in cyl 1, took cover off intake, could see coolant on top of Cyl 1 without doing anything further, shop insists its a head gasket, would not do a compression test, told me they "don't do that", coolant pressure drops, but very very slowly, no oil in coolant, no coolant in oil, no smoke, smells or otherwise; Tried to sell me a new coil too, the cyl 1 coil is soaked, asked if they don't know where the leak is, is that smart? I think not, unless I'm eager to buy more than one coil. You can see why I'm leary..
Also, The guy at the dealership, (I'm getting it's 2nd opinion there tomorrow) says it's very likely a manifold gasket. This is based on what I'm telling you..
1) What do you think the chances of it being a head gasket?
2) Do you believe that the shop is being honest?
3) Is there something I'm missing here?

**The only other thing, the shop says that it's a head gasket, primarily because the coolant was found on top of and under the plug, and/or because he says he can see it coming in when he tries it with the plug removed. I did not witness this;

**The guy also was telling me that it should be fine to drive, that I couldn't make the engine worse damaged than it is, only that it would perform worse.. This is the another red flag, you don't need to tell me thats not correct, I know better. ;)

Opinions, in lieu of hard facts, if possible, are welcome;
Still locks and unlocks but no sound and only flashes headlights when locking. Red button doesn't work at all.
It is a standard transmission.
Car sat overnite, wouldnt turn over to start, PS light came on.
shut car off . waited 5 min. restarted no problem no PS light.
what would be the cause? an how expensive is it. I have only had the car 3 yrs.
I steam cleaned the carpet in my Versa. A week later while driving about ten miles fire came through the front passenger side carpet. I stopped and poured some bottled water on it. It stopped burning. After a few minutes I tried to start it and it started fine. I checked lights, radio, horn etc and everything worked. Should a fuse have blown first to prevent an electrical fire? I lifted the carpet and saw the end of a connection to a wiring harness was darkened from fire. Should the mfr pay for this repair since no fuse blew to prevent this?
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