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Other doors work fine, both with fob and key. No sound from rear actuator
while driving there are short hesitations in the gas flow as though there is a stoppage and the gas is not flowing through smoothly. Every day say 3 times in 10 miles.
After reading the manual, it says do not add cleaners and there is no fuel filter.
So what is the next step?
My exhaust is rusted, and after a recent accident the exhaust split, the accident was to front of car only. Please quote cost for new exhaust plus fitting.
Kia Rio Lx with 52000, very good condition
Versa 2009 with 65000, very good condition
Advice on maintenance and repair costs.
Advice on extended warranty
Thank you
just splitters after about 3or4 seconds of running then acts as it loses pressure or something, can someone send me in the right direction
but check the pressure it is about 50lbs. Mechanic ran scanner on it an it showed no codes. This is our only car sweater desperate. The church engine light has been on for 2dys
Not too sure why this happens. I'll be driving like normal and the tire light will do what I described in the question. It does go away after a minute or so.
I can feel the cold air when I put my hands up to the vents, but the fan will not come on anymore. On the last day that it was working, I had to have it turned on high, and it was kind of speeding up and slowing down. Does anyone know how much this kind of repair will cost?
I got my car fix in 2011 the air bag has to be replace and I just want to know that could be some they did wrong that could make this leak?
It broke from the inside and he outside which I have will not let me glue it on I tried. The Nissan people here in Lake City, FL want to charge me 65.00 to glue it on or replace the whole door handle the door still opens, but it leaks where he broke is missing now. I have a warranty that I purchased from Mastercraft which is a company that says the warranty won't pay for the broke part. Does Nissan warranty broke door handle?
service engine soon light came on last night I went this morning to auto zone to get the code its P0710 The defination:
ATF temperature sensor circuit/ probable cause: open or short circuit condition or failed ATF temperature sensor.I have no problems at all with car, it has 29000 miles. Last week we had
-40 wind chil, needed a new battery & my coolant flushed. Now
a few days later this lite comes on.weird. i guess I am looking at worse case $$ and if its drivable short distances till i can take it in on tues.. today is sunday:) Thank you for your help
My Shift Lock button seems to get stuck. It won't always depress (Yes I have my brake depressed) when trying to shift out of park. Sometimes it can take 5 minutes to get it to work. I believe it is still under warranty, but i'm not sure if this is included. Can someone give me some type of idea what may be the issue? Thanks!
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