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It is cold for a while and then compressor chips out & doesn't come back on
But If I turn it off for maybe like 30 secs or so and turn it back on it runs again
It just started and happen every time I drive it and return home.
Changing transmission fluid.
The lights came on and never went out. I have been having problems with the electrical system since I have purchased my vehicle. Is there a place that I can take my car to or do I have to find a dealer?
This problem is all the time. Started 3 years after I bought it. Also, it has a feature that if you leave your keys in the car, the car won't lock. That feature also does not work. I have no codes and have no idea what is wrong.
Daughter hit a curb and the wheel and housing as well as the tie arm were replaced. Now they are saying the frame is bent about 45 degree?
My 2012 chevy Colorado did the same thing, although I don't know what they did to resolve it. Thinking a short in the system, but don't know where to look. Help!
I found a small blur bit of blue snow when I went out to my car today. It's blue and I can tell if it's wiper flui that's dripped down or if it's coolant. How can I tell?

The spot was on the ground under the hood and it's the first time I've noticed it. I also had the car serviced recently but neither the windshield nor the coolant was the focus
My car wont go into the lock position to remove the key. We have tried everything. Lock smith says he can get it out but if its the shifter cable that it will do the same thing when i put the key back in. But the indicator on the dash shows the car in the park position? So i dont know what to do and i dont have money to waste getting both fixed if both doesnt need to be fixed help
The bushings are worn out and the whole x-member moves-floats when braking or turning left or right. No one seems to know how or where to get these bushings? Help!!
Over heats on the high way, if I slow past 60 the temp light shuts off
I checked and coolant is full ????? Please help what could it be?
When I make a full stop car will not go. I have to pull over shut the car off the turn it back on and it will go with no problem. There is no check engine light on.
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