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Bulb keeps burning out and was having it replaced when person doing repair informed the light bulb housing is melted and needs to be replaced.
Seems every time it rains the car develops and annoying tone. It's a constant tone not, the alarm that the car is not in park or the lights are on. A constant high pitch tone that can be heard up to some distance away. I saw on another site that someone asked the same question but not here. Any ideas?
My mechanic is telling me it needs to be replaced but I'm not so sure.
Cracked exhaust pipe
how much will work cost
what services are performed
The shop I go to quoted me 4,000 to fix. My friend can get me parts from the junkyard. My question is Is replacing the the whole fuel injection system via junkyard part going to be cheaper and is it going to be worth it in the long run?
p.s. I still owe a little over 7,000 on the car, only had 2 years and it was driven without oil. My credit is bad so I can't use it as a trade in.
Only tires on if I hit a big bump or if I tap on the the side of the floor board
My versa accelerates on its own. Rpms go up and down in park and neautral. I've replaced mass air flow sensor. 02 air/fuel ratio sensor. New spark plugs and oil change. None of this helped.
I am trying to remove the front drive shaft on my car and I
cannot get the shaft to release from the drivers side of the car
I am not certain if this will help but the schematic I have reads Model C11X 391- -A01 Front Drive Shaft (FF)
This just started recently, but sometimes I feel like I'm losing power in the car. It mostly happens when I'm going down hills and it feels like the car is trying to change gears but it can't and it gets stuck on too high a gear. It happens on occasion when I'm driving on a flat road as well. As though I lose power for a second, then it comes back. Any ideas what the issue is?
Is it the transmission.
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