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My 2008 Nissan Titan engine idles over 1 RPM at standing idle,why!
The problem just started it never turns off. The fan on occasion in the past would turn from low to high on its own, but when I turned off the switch it always turned off completely until nom
Heater just blows cold air. clicking sound coming from heater/ac.
replaced battery twice. second time with a bigger one. has to be jump started every morning. no problems rest of day. going on 4th winter. no one seems to know what problem is
Leak on passenger side, running down from under dash by fuse panel and also from hand hold to get into truck by windshield. The trim on the outside roof has cracked and some has come off. Have revealed windshield still leaking. Live in AK don't use air conditioner so know it's not that.
AC Unit drain clogged someone told me, ho do I check it
Changed radiator. Clutch fan is new.
starting has been sluggish on cold mornings. started this morning very slow and ran 2 seconds and cut off. tried to jump off. turning key now produces nothing at all. Lost interior lights, wipers, signal lights. Headlights are on when key is turned on, but headlight switch is off. New battery same problem
Driving 35- 40 mpg with defrost and lights on , turned the corner and lost power. Dash sensor lights came on, was able to coast to side of road. Turned everything off then it restarted well and has driven fine since. Auto shop ran electrical tests with no faults found.
It will get hot but only after an 30-45 mins later with the set point at 90 degrees. then it doesn't cool down once the set point is changed to 72 degrees. Is there an easy replaceable control valve that can be purchased at an auto supply store?
after post cat o2s reading 2.125 volts i back probed the input wire going to the pcm. they showed .2-.3 knowning o2s cant report hihger then 1 volt, i replaced the pcm n thanks to got a new pcm cheap.problem fixed.forcing it lean n rich scanner data looks good.
i hooked my autel up to read pid data on my friends new truck and post cat o2s are reading 2.125 volts.pre cat o2s are switching + and - .5 volts as normal st fuel trim at zero as it should.engine is strong at any rpm,all data looks shocked at the post cat o2s reading a solid 2.125 volts,thoughts?
then when it did more than click it was a slow turning sound then back to clicking.
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