2006 Nissan Titan Questions

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It backfires stalls when accelerating up hills and we have noticed that when the outside temp is in the 50 or higher it does this
My Nissan Titan if you gassed it one time, would spit and sputter but not die. We would kill it then start it again and it would be fine. Now it slowly progressed and now it's spitting and sputtering and will actually die on us. We have to kill it and start it back at every stop sign and red light and as were going well have to put it in neutral and kill it too. It acts like either the throttle body, fuel filter or fuel pump is acting up but we're not sure which it could be. We tried changing the IPDM and fuse box. Oh if you disconnect the battery it helps for and hour or less.
It turns over but won't start,
Check light was on for some time befor. Check all systems and fescues
Still won't start
Checked what fuses i could find for radio??
looking for Differential for Nissan Titan 2006
where is the transmission filter located?
Codes p0118, p0123, p0223, p0183, p0420,and p0430.. I need help in what would be making these codes appear. Also ABS and brake lights are now illuminated
Just changed fuel pump.bought a new battery changed spark plugs.
There is a tapping noise coming from under my dash board that seems to start when ever I crank up. It last for a while then stops. If I turn on anything while driving it starts again. Also does it when I turn the vehicle off. Seems to be something electrical.
the noise happens at various speeds. the noise stops when i ease off the gas pedal. the noise sounds like metal on metal. other than that, the truck runs fine.
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