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The car acts like it doesn’t want to go when it is in drive. I sometimes have to cut the car off at a red light and then cut it back on in order for it to accelerate.
When I put the key in it will not start my car I have to play with the key for a while before it will work it just started today
2015 push to start sentra cranks alot before starting sometimes i have to wait a bit before trying again for it to start
I Recently Purchased a pre-owned Nissan Sunny 2015 Base Model (Automatic transmission), I noticed that there is no engine temperature gauge, m afraid that what if temperature was usually higher than required and I even don't know about it, that way my car is getting damaged and may lead to serious consequences,
The EOC Pedal Indicator Display has gone out
And more press down on the accelerator the sound got worst than it stop than i put in park the motor sound different and the tire wasn't low either
I have a 2015 nissan sentra SR with 8,000 miles on it. Can anyone tell me where the dipstick for the automatic transmission fluid is located? Does the car even have one? I have searched all over the internet and found nothing. It is puzzling me.
Only happens at interstate speed. Yesterday was first time it happened. Sound is not constant.
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