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No dipstick and no info in the owners manual. Only thing is the type which I was able to buy on amazon. Drained out about 24 oz from drain pan and added about 28 oz. Car continues to make a whinning noise when idle and whem accelerating at high rpm over 2500. Any info will be nice.
Driving down the road AC is only about 60 the fan goes from high to low by itself let go of the gas pedal fan picks up speed accelerate AC slows down and not too cold at all recharge system and evacuate and does the same thing what do you think it is please help
Ac was blowing hot air so I replaced compressor & oil recharge & filled with Freon still blows hot air.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Blows hot air when ac is on.
How long have you had this problem? 1-2 months

How long have you had this problem? Month
The only bulbs I can find to replace are the turn signal and the backup light... no bulbs for the brakes.
2014 Nissan Sentra, had 60k service done about 200 miles ago now won't go over 20mph. No lights on dash showing any issues.
Been using the air conditioner a lot due to high heat
It's been like this since purchased in November
just started a few days ago. AC will start to get warm as well
Have to take the key out and out it close to the button and push on breaks and it will start, but today its not starting at all.
The drive shaft leaks underneath the driving wheel. It happened three times and each time the problem was supposed to have been solved. Currently my car is with the dealership for last 12 days.
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