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My Nissan Sentra 2012
trans jerks after driving approx 2,5 hours on the interstate. after cooling down for about 20 min. problem is gone.
Do I need a transmission flush? the dealer told me I need a transmission solenoid replaced for $ 680.00
Just bought the car a yr ago. Made regular oil changes, with last one being 6/24/17. Check engine light came on today and there wasn't any oil.
I'm 38 years old and am a mechanic at Majestic Motors in Yukon, Oklahoma. Am an Asian-American, and have found an unusual number of complaints for EPS that Nissan Dealerships will not take responsibility for.
Using a wiring diagram, there is a brown colored wire from torque steering sensor to computer. This wire may have a short, an open, or may be disconnected. (my vehicle showed this wire to be cut/pinched) after making proper repairs electronically, the vehicle is back to full operation. Thank you for your time, and I hope this helps the auto industry at large.
Pressing the gas. Kind of like something falling/ scrapping. There are no lights on or sensors when the test is ran. I've had it lifts and he said everything looked fine. But I know there is an issue. Please help me
it drove fine untill hitting a rock on the road it starts fine all normal no lights on just wont go when you put in gear you can feel it trys to but as you press on throttle more it hessitates please help any information helps
I have a 2012 Nissan Sentra that has done only 15000 miles. Whn I put the car in reverse, I felt some resistance, so I stepped on the accelerator and the car jumped and sped forward instead of in reverse. and had a collision. What could be the cause? The car is at a body shop to repair the damage from the accident. What all needs to be looked into so that this does not recur ?
It's usually when I'm trying to steer around something or backing out of the drive. When I turn real sharp it makes a loud popping sound under the front end.
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