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it sounds like a motorcycle is in front of my car. It is a roaring noise. As you slow down it quite down
Check engine light comes on and off for Mass air flow sensor... it has been changed out for over a month but does something need to be reset? The light comes on and off but doesn't stay on. And probably non related but the air went out around the same time.
Do not have a trusted mechanic here what are some things they should be looking at if I take it in? What are some things I can do myself before taking it in (add refrigerant?)
they said it's not possible to alignment my car because for that reason.

97,000 miles great car until recently. I’ve taken care of the car for 60,000 miles. Mass air flow sensor was changed due to the code. Car was acting great again until a week later. Doing the same thing but now the front end or control of the car is lost Sporadically. Went had it tested through on the same codes and now lost our low-voltage.
When I lock or unlock car doors with key fob or the power door lock button 3 of the 4 doors lock. Leaving one door that dose not seem to be conected to the rest of the power door lock. Power window still works on the door lights still come on when door opens and alarm will sound of door opens and alarm is set. Door will lock and in lock by hand.
I bought a Sentra last year at 96,000. It is now at 107000. I've noticed that my car has been burning oil. The first time I noticed it was because the oil light did illuminate. Recently, about a couple months ago I got an oil change. Yesterday I had to put 3 Quartz of oil in the engine. From what I read it could be a Cat. problem? I also, read that there's no ultimate way to repair besides replacing the engine. Someone I knw also noticed a bit of a knocking sound. Which I think was probably due to not having much oil.
I hit a curb on the passenger side front after that I smelled rubber burning and my Car started sounding funny and drove different I was doing 40 mph and my RPGs was between 6 and 7. On the manifold on right side I see it is wet and left side is dry. I checked the oil it was ok, the car didn't over heat. The car was parked for two hours after I hit the curb. What could it be?
dont know how to remove tail lite assembly
how to remove the tail lense to replace the bulb break lite
I am due for an oil change and it knocks faster with car speed but does stop periodically on long straight-aways. As soon as I start again it begins to knock.
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