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does make a noise like something is caught in the door, but it's always been there just a few weeks ago it wouldn't go up on it's own?
I have a 2010 Nissan Sentra with a CVT transmission. I did not know that a CVT transmission took a different type of oil, so I have been putting 5W-30 oil in my car when I am not able to get an oil change. I know I have added at least 3 quarts of 5W-30 oil to my car. I have noticed that the car makes different noises such as knocking when I turn the wheel, and it is hesitant to shift gears when I am changing from park to reverse or drive. Is there anything I can do to fix the damage I have done? Or is it too late?
This happens even at very low speeds (less than 20mph). I do not have this problem as much when making right turns or braking (only when conditions are really severe). Tires are 4 months old, but not snow tires. Could this be a problem with the alignment? Or something else? Do I need snow tires?

I did not have this problem last winter.
front struts replaced on both sides. Is a wheel alignment required
When I have to brake very hard, ie an emergency stop, think kid ran out in front of you type of stop. Once stopped, then starting off again, I have very poor acceleration for approx 30 seconds. Does the ABS lock the brakes so hard that it takes a while to get the pads moved away from the rotors, or can this be due to something else?

The car has approx 47K miles, is mainly driven on short journeys, work to home is approx 4 miles, and is a 2010 model 2.0s
My clutch went out and it's leaking underneath the car at leaked all the fluid out and I just want to know what I could do to fix it
What could that be? It also was clicking like the air conditioner was on every time I stopped and took off.
My car also bounces a lot now.. I brought it to a mechanic but he said nothing was wrong with it. Please help!
This just happened yesterday and I was able to start the car right away. It's about time for an oil change; it's been running a little rough at times, with a "cough". The car has about 56K miles on it and has had regular oil changes since I bought it new.
Just recently bought some parts from 4 Seasons (or Everco by 4 Seasons) and wanted to get people's opinion on the company's products. Is it reliable or not?

When I mentioned the company to my mechanic felt more relieved when I said it because I told him I bought an aftermarket product.

I would shell more money to maybe a Denso product (I've heard their parts are the best) but I am a college student so the situation is unfortunate.
It might be a dumb question, but I want to triple check. My A/C Compressor failed not too long ago (6 months) and I have finally decided to replace it with a new compressor.

Question is if I need to replace the receiver/drier as well. Normally, I would have to according to many online forums. However, the mechanic I took it to (very reputable, over 400 reviews) said that normally he would suggest doing it. However, since the compressor failed electrically (magnetic clutch/coil fails), he assumes there shouldn't be any debris.

Do I need to replace the receiver/drier?
I have had to replaced the engine last year and the fuel pump yesterday and it's still not running
This is the first time
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