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Just replaced battery, but car won't turn on. There's a crank, but wont fire up, so its not the starter. I see Walter here had same issue. Any suggestions, before I go the expensive route & get a fuel pump? I never had issues with it, until the battery got replaced.
fuel pump does not come on just replaced it. prior to replacing pump I had to clean the positive post on battery, too corroded, right after that the fuel pump stopped working, replaced it still not working all fuses are good
I bought my sentra spec v n april the air conditioner worked perfectly fine for about a mth. Then the air wouldn't come out cold for a few weeks then if I turn it on it makes a horrible noise not like a belt noise. Its a really bad noise i cant even explain how it sounds. n the noise lasts up to 10 seconds if not more. I can't even use defrost with it bc when I turn it off it makes that noise. Now it doesn't make ne noise when I have the ac or defrost on either low to high only when I turn it off. And my engine light comes on some days then off a couple of days. So that's 1 ques. The other is when I fill up my car with gas. Ad I'm driving I keep smelling gas as I'm driving. I did read something today that n the spec v u r suppose to use premium gas. And I have been using 87. Idk if that has anything to do with it. But im just worried about y i keep smelling gas. Sorry so long I would jus like an opinion on what could b wrong. As I don't have the money to pay 75 dollars jus to c what is wrong with it. Thank u!
I just found out that my car exhaust is rusted in a way that needs me to have the muffler and tailpipe replaced. I am curious as to how much I can expect to pay so that if I go in for an estimate I can be prepared so I don't get overcharged.
What could be wrong
When take to the shop they would replace a sensor light goes off and if I drive local just I'm my area it's good, because it about a hour day, but if I have to drive like two hours or more straight trip out of town it comes on
What could be causing this? Every time I start it
My car suddenly began stalling while in reverse and would cut off. A few weeks later the Check engine light came on so I went to AutoZone to get a diagnostic and found that my sensors needed replaced so my father and brother replaced them as they were worn. But it doesn't cut off anymore while in drive at traffic lights, but now again, only in reverse. It will idle down and it's stalls so I have to hit the gas to reverse, as it sputters and cuts off. What could be the issue?
2007 Nissan Sentra 2.0 manual. I just replaced the plugs, boots (between the plug and the coil) and one coil due to a misfire on one cylinder. At that time the car was shuddering badly under load. That problem has gone away, but now there is different shudder. Hard to explain, but I will try. As I slow down the car will seem to coast for moment, but then it seems to grab the gear kind of hard, causing a jerking of the car. At the same time, if I hit the accelerator while coasting, it does kind on the same thing when grabbing the gear. If I'm driving kind of slow at a moderate rpm the car will shudder,or jerk back and forth, alternating between jerking when the gear grabs while slowing down and jerking when the gear grabs accelerating.
i tried carbueter cleaner thats all otherwise it runs great
Hi so my light just turned on and stays on. I just had the O2 sensor 2 weeks ago im just over 75,460Miles
I took my car to get smog tested and it failed due to the catalyst code #p0420 my tags are due and going trough dealer will cost me around 1000$ just for the catalyst not even installations what do I do ?? My engine light went on also during my smog test won't take off
the car had irregular rhythm, took it in for servicing but problem persisted only for the car to refuse to start till date
2007 Sentra with a 2.0 ltr. Or is there an access hole in the trunk? Friend's car and I'm not there to see for myself.

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