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Have 06 Sentra SE_R. It shifts 1,2,3, then to overdrive. Turning 2500 rpm at 65 mph. Is this right
Why it have lot of miles
on my 2006 Nissan Sentra automatic, the rpm s are revving up high when accelorating and it takes a minute for the car to gain speed
I have a 2006 Nissan and was quoted around 500.00 for rear struts replacement. Does this sound about right?
Very expensive.
How long have you had this problem? Couple of years
I also replaced the relay switch thinking it may be that. No luck. However, when any door is open, the flashers begin flashing and do not turn off until all doors have been shut for about 40 seconds. Is this a sign of something?
No success. followed all the steps but ses light never blinked during the process so the reset never happened. idle is still to high and ses light is on. Suggestions?
Check engine diagnostic reveal that the following sensor need to be check or replaced: Sensor 1 P0133, 02 Circuit slow Response Bank 1
The cables are not broke just the plastic mounting part on the unit
I just just my camshaft sensor because of the check engine light code that came up but now my car is still stalling and will keep out if I don't give it gas
my car is a nissan Tiida, 2006 Model, % door Visia.My car doesnt wanna start it keeps on stolling .The engine is turning but doesnt start.I checked the petrol pump and it seems fine.
I can hear the engine strain when the a/c is turned on but no air through the vents.
They want to charge me at the Nissan dealer, over 700.00 I can't afford that. Other places have said Nissan has a monopoly on it in our city and thats why they have such high prices. Other places have said that the part is 50.00 and costs 100.00 to install.
I changed cks sensor and spark plugs still having trouble starting car. Mechanic at job does not think fuel pump or starter. wiring.
A shop quoted me $900 for the part alone, this seems really steep. They told me it's because it only comes as 1 piece and is harder to get due to New York emissions. Are they pulling my chain?
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