2003 Nissan Sentra Questions

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My 03 Nissan sentra gxe will crank but not start.
When I put the obd scanner on it, it shows that it linked to the car but will not retrieve any codes.
I'm beginning to believe that I have an ecm issue. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Mechanic recommends replacing rear struts due to age of vehicle. I just want to be sure that the vehicle has rear struts and not shocks.
car will restart after sitting for about 2 hours
replaced crankshaft sensor but still doesn't start code still reads cranksensor problem .since recall can it be bad new from store?
My car will Rev fine in park and neutral, but won't accelerate in any gear. Any ideas?
When I pUT my car in any gear it won't accelerate, but in park and neutral it revs just fine
Only my passenger side front window is not working. It works for a few days then stops working. I have been trying to keep it closed buy someone accidently opened it. What should I check?
Need a solution to solve the exhaust vibrations when the car is idle or in traffic
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