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put bad gas in it one time bucked and jumped then died in the middle of the road. well put some cleaner for the gas injector and carbs in the tank and it ran great for about a month after that.Well all of a sudden in the beginning of October I went out to crank the car to get it warmed up well it started up but only ran for only about five mins cranked it again and it stay started. well i did my few runs and was headed back home then it just died out of no where on the railroad tracks. When it died it felt like i just let off the gas pedal but i didn't well it gave the code i think po340 i think for the camshaft position sensor and po335 for the crankshaft position sensor well we changed the cam and it ran great again smoothe as ever but then three days later started bcuking jumping and dying again in the middle of no where. so we decided to change the crank well upon changing the crank we couldn't get it to come pass the Oring so it would come out of the motor and we puled rlly hard on it and the pigtail connector clip broke.... just the clip part the rest is still fine and I'm sure we could probably hook it up somehow to stay on there but then when we finally got the crank almost out of the motor the end piece that sticks out of the car that you connect the connector to on the sensor rips off but from the Oring on it still in the motor. i mean we couldn't done nothing bad except brake the harness the sensor was already bad well now we have replaced both of them and it wont start period now it will crank but no start... I'm just so frustrated i need help!!!!!
I just replaced the spark plugs, fixed a cylinder misfire, and replaced the TPS, any suggestions on this issue?
Car shoots up too 3000 Rpms before shifting into second or third gear. About once a day Nissan will just die while driving, steering wheel and brakes locks. Also the battery light goes on before shutting down. When it shuts down it'll crank but won't turn over for about fifteen minutes unless I constantly tap the gas pedal then it'll turn over and die unless I leave my foot on the gas. Some reason if it's in park for about five minutes while idling car will just shut off. Any help? Seems to happen in cooler weather.
each time i buy a nother one it last for a few days and goes right back to the same stalling no powerand hard starting
Check engine light on at 124000 miles code says fuel sensor, hesitates to excelorate stalls out at lights stops signs n idle
And still same, no power, bad idle, almost $2400 and still same. Only codes O2 sensors heaters. And they are new oem. Sentra from hell please help
was there recall on this vehicle
I seen where there was a recall on this can I still get my car fix
It has a CA Emissions, does the radiator have to be compatible with that?
Number 2 cylinder is missfiring and spark plugs have been replaced, one of which showed fowled.Wehicle still skipping, but but noticably less tn before replacing spark plugs. Want to know how the coil pack can be tested for preformance.
I have tried 3 new fuel pumps but still no fuel to the fuel rail.I even tried relays.i can hear the pump kick in but no fuel.the fuel line is clear and filter is new.Need help!
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