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Replacing clutch have never pulled front wheel drive transmission
The ignition switch has been replaced. I heard a clicking next to it and now there is now power. Prior to that the car would just stop instantly. Is there a relay under the dash that needs replacing?
it started when i was making a complete stop at a stop sign it shut off for a couple of hours it was ok then when i park it then it shut off by it self
Bought this little gem for half of what it could have sold for. So I expected some maintenance but I don't know where to start. The engine sounds rough like an old farm truck and when it idle's has a little whistling sound. Also in low gears it vibrates pretty good until you get above 45-50 mph and then it's good.
I have a 99 Nissan Sentra. Sometimes, after sitting all day in the hot sun, my radio won't come on and my wipers won't work. Turning the stereo off and on doesn't seem to do anything. Eventually, they come back on by themselves, but sometimes they won't come on until I turn the car off and back on after driving for awhile. Sometimes it comes on while I am driving, and I hear a click from somewhere to the left of the steering wheel (either the dashboard or under the hood, I can't tell for sure.) I'm assuming they are both on the same wiring system. Could this be a fuse or a relay problem?
How much for the transmission? Tires? Windshield?

Fuel back flows
My car is running good, I did two services from different places, but light is still on. Suggest me what I have to do
it takes along time to start and once it starts it will idle perfect then when i give it gas it bogs down then kills and it takes along time to start it again like its flooded or either its not getting enough gas. i changed the fuel pump, fuel filter , screen, and ignigtion rotor and still doing the same , could it be the fuel pressure regulator? thats my next move but before i go spend more money i rather ask sumone who might know thanks john
We have simply tried taking the screw out and using pliers to pull it out. However the o-ring will not budge. We've tried every which way to jam it loose buy nothing works. Its almost like there is some kind of sealant or something on it.
when im low on gas my gaslight doesnt come on at all. Anyway to fix this
ok I was driving last night and when i shifted into 2nd the clutch went down with no resistance and wouldn't come back up. I was not able to shift due to the clutch not engaging. I have to turn the car off and put it in gear to start moving and then during driving I have to power shift. Im wondering if its the slave or master cylinder or perhaps maybe my clutch is just done. The pedal has been very stiff lately and now no tension at at all
replace linnings
my car warms up no problem when in neutral but once i start driving and as i shift i can see my thermlstat slowly go cold and then it even blows cold air
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