1997 Nissan Sentra Questions

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I had an emission test done and that is one of things that I need to get fixed and I was unsure on what that actually was.
put a dirty MAF sensor make the car die.
runs fine for 2 or 3 miles starts bugging losing power then just stalls wont start back up for about an hourthen two or three miles it stalls again
I just had a front ball bearing replaced and a CV axel. It took 4 trips to the mechanic to get it right. It's a 1997 with 162,000 miles on it.
The vehicle has more wheel issues like the back brake cylinder. It's hard to know whether it is time to give it up and spend savings on something newer or to continue to invest in this Nissan. Your experiences with these situations would be appreciated.
Starts up as the day cools down. Doesn't make any movements just a slight clik from the ignition relay.I changed the starter and the but I still have the same problem.
First time it deactivated after about 30 seconds. Today I had to unplug the horn. Any suggestions or possible other complications?
Is it possible to reassemble the existing fan blade back onto the fan motor on my 97 Sentra GXE
My vapor canister is rotten and needs to be replace also additional part that are connected to the vapor canister

While my truck is in the shop I was using my dads car. Within a week of using it, it starts messing up. It seemed like it was struggling to get air so I took it to the shop they said that the Cadillac converter was stopped up, so they punched it. I picked the car up and got down the road and it was still messing up. The shop kept it for almost 2 weeks trying to figure it out and they couldn't. I'm just happy he didn't charge me for all the test ran.
Here's what I can tell u about what's going on.
*gotta pump gas twice then hold for it to start.
*Runs and idles good when cold.
*(at first) When motor warms up only in drive it would hesitate like if it's not getting fuel.
*(Now)after motor is warm it does it in park/neutral if given gas
*Stalls if driven or given gas then left to idle.
*Has good fuel pressure
*Jets are not pulsing as much as they should
*fuel filter was replaced 3 months ago
* all plugs and wires are good
* I put a new distributor cap and rotor button on when I started using it because that has given problems before so I changed it out.
*no codes being given
Let me know if you need any more information.
Any help is very appreciated!
1997 Nissan Sentra 4cyl. 1.8 remove exsiting motor and replace.
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