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my windshield wipers stopped working while it was raining. i can hear the motor turning something but it doesn't grab the wipers. any ideas?
Both parents need to be replaced I need to see how much it would cost to fix it
changed crankshaft sensor and now when i use my headlights my battery goes dead
Can I put brake pads and rotors fr a1994 Nissan sentra gxe on a 1996 Nissan sentra gxe?
my car jerks when I drive over 40mph and I don't know why. I'm guessing it's something with the engine that's what it feels like when I'm driving. My car is old so the service engine soon light pops off and on but when the mechanic scans it no codes come up. Help please.....
there is noise at the gearbox where the left inner CV gets in. Mechanic say there is a pilot bush/bearing which is worn out.
car not used for weeks. yesterday, for a 4/5 mile drive, airbag on steering wheel was warm. today, driving for a mile, it got very hot, so came back to house. will airbag go off if i drive to repair place.
I have been having an issue with my car for the past two weeks about and what first happened was the first time i had the issue i had used it that day from my house to the gym, the gym to my house and then to my house to my job. That night when i got off work it would not crank or turnover to even act like it was trying to start. I tried to jump it did not work. the next day we called Triple A and the guy tried to jump it wouldn't work he i guess tapped on my starter and it then started right up because he told me that my starter was going bad. I went to AutoZone and had them do a diagnostic test they told me i had a bad battery and that nothing showed for it being my starter. I went then to my job to get a battery and replaced that. My car drove for a week from the time i had replaced the battery to it not wanting to start again. I then just today got a new starter put in, but it still will not start. It makes a click noise and all my lights, windows, radio, and locks work. Please let me know what you think it might be.
everything has been checked firing, fuel,compression but it will not start it just backfires but never starts
Help with disconnecting the clutch cable from the pedal.
i have change the fuel filter changed the spark plugs still does the same thing can drive up to 10 miles untill the engine starts to shut off
while driving one day the car jus died. i suspected the timing chains but after i looked to see if it was getting spark it has a very low spark. its getting air and fuel but i need to know if i should pull the timing chains or get a new distribution system...?
Discovered oil on spark plugs. Valve cover is plastic and attempted removing old gasket from tubes, crumbled,
New ones look to big
to fit.
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