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Sentra E 13 inch tires and 1.6 engine
1.6 engine ... have taken cluster out and cleaned all contacts.... I`m clueless .
In freezing weather car starts and runs very well. However, after bringing in for oil change (and a check for an oil leak), now it doesn't start easily. It keeps trying to turn over and when I hear it almost 'catch', I pump the gas pedal, revving it and it starts. I don't understand the correlation between getting an oil change and my car developing starting problems. It is not the battery. I think it is a fuel delivery issue. Kindly provide some guidance. Thank you.
It slowly will gain momentum but sounds like it's RPMs are really high. It will stay in all gears. Checked the gear oil and was full.
it shuts off only if it turns left.
had a blown head gasket cams were not timed properly iwant to retime the chains back to factory specs
The car does not overheat but the water in the expansion tank does
my temp and gas and seedometer and light's dont work but dash night lights work fine just have no idea how fast im going or if i have gas or if my car is overheating plz send help lol
I was driving my car and I stopped at a stop light. I put the car in reverse then switched back to drive. The car made a noise that sounded like a something being stuck in a fan while its running. Then the car would not move it was still running though. After a few minutes I tried to put it back in reverse and it sounded like gears grinding on a stick shift but my car is automatic. After a few more minutes the temp hand went up to almost hot so I turned it off. What could this be?
the car has only 36k miles half shafts have been replaced with rebuilt no transfer to steering could shafts be defective
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