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changed fuel injectors resat each one 4 times checked it without plugs and no fuel goes in cylinder. put it all back and cylinders fill with fuel when i try to crank 1993 nissan sentra base model 1.6l engine
The vibration now rattles my mirror making it hard to see out of.the knocking has grown louder at start up and while driving.the vibration kicks up at speeds of 45 and up.less when slower.
It's a XE and it does it while on the road
The car would start right up after shutting off before now it's taking a long time to start
Have been working on this car for a few weeks now; the car sat for 8 months with this fluid combination under the plugs. The
gas+oil under the plugs was the original problem. We took the plugs out and tried to
start the car a few times to shoot the gas+oil out of the cylinders. All the cylinders
would fill up again right after we were done though. So we changed the fuel pressure
regulator and they stopped filling up.
Changed the oil+filter because they were contaminated with gas.
Started it with starter fluid and the problems kept coming.
The catalytic converter was clogged and red hot so I cleaned it all out removing the
platinum and put it back in as a empty pipe.
Now when it started cylinders 1+2 wouldn't fire and wouldn't kill the engine when i
removed the wire from the cylinder when it was running. It was misfiring and sounded
terrible but it ran.
So i thought it might be the fuel injectors. I was about to check them out today but
then there was gas+oil under the plugs again and it wouldn't start today. Took the
plugs out so the cylinders could dry, but I am lost on where to go next.
I need some help.
I have had issues with the safety neutral switch in the past and had a mobile mechanic get underneath the car and he lubricated some part - can remember what it was! Today was hot and it was especially rough to shift from park to reverse and then drive. It is easy to shift from drive to 2nd. My car has 119,621 miles and it has been 29,000 miles since my last transmission service and my mechanic told me that I didn't need to have it serviced for 50,000 to 60,000 miles. I need to know if it is safe to drive the car? I just got my oil changed - do that every 3,000 miles. Appreciate experienced feedback?
What could it be?
Carburated 1.4 lit engine imported from japan
do I need to drop fuel tank.?
noise maybe coming from water pump. Car is not over heating.
to fix it an a align ment.
I replaced the old one, replaced the replacement and now this one left me stranded after a fill up. Car had kind of fluttered 2 or 3 times on way to work but then ran well. Pulled pump, plugged in all connections, ran fine, tried again it would not, tried several times today it ran every time. Is not stopped up with debris. What could be causing this issue. Car sat for 3 or 4 years before I bought it. Has 1.6 engine that runs great when its running. replaced the TPS sensor and checked the MAF..I think it is ok. I am at my wits end. Help please.
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