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Car ran great when I shut it off next morning it would only turn over, so far I've replaced the fuel pump and the filter, still won't start. No fuel going to the motor. Will start for a second or two when using starting fluid.
My dad just gave me this car a week ago, everything was good when he checked it and was doing good. Last night on the way home it just all of a sudden cut off, we coasted to the side to check everything, but we couldn't find anything wrong with it. We tried push starting, but that didn't even work. The ignition won't even turn over. Nothing is working, except when you put the key in, it makes the annoying beeping noise other than that not even the radio will come on.
My car is making a thumping sound when I turn and pulling hard to the right.I have had all the front end replaced, front structs, tie rod end, control arm and the power steering.
It leaked from bottom of motor ? Added water motor cooled and no more leak, Car now running mormal. Is there a pressure lelief valve that I do not know about ?
More often than not,now,I push in the clutch and turn the key and theres nothing, not even a click. But, I still have plenty of juice for everything else.
When cap is off I can squeeze all hoses and water comes out replaced thermostat but still overheats
but somebody cut the stock radio harness out cant that be the problem because the brake butten goes in ant out wat could the peoble be???
Was told the engine and transmission are good and car runs great, just a hole in the cover. When we set up a time to pick it up, we were asked if we were bringing a trailer to haul it. Not sure if this is a smart purchase now.
Could there be internal damage?
Plain and simple. It vibrates when idling and when letting off the gas at any speed above 10mph. Doesn't vibrate at all when accelerating except for the steering wheel shakes a bit, which gets worse the more you increase the throttle. However, upon releasing the throttle, the steering wheel no longer shakes but the car starts to make a vibrating noise which feels and sounds like it is coming from the engine compartment. i have already checked the engine mounts, they are fine. There is no vibration or noise from the engine compartment while accelerating. I might add that i personally think the vibration while idling has a different cause than when decelerating, because it's not as intense and not as loud, but I'm only guessing.

Also, I'm not sure if my blower motor itself doesn't work, or if it's just the resistor. None of the blower settings (0, 1, 2, 3, 4) work, but i don't want to rule out the resistor because it's cheaper. Any way to find out which one it is?
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