1991 Nissan Sentra Questions

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When car changes gears it jerks hard
I just Installed a new exaust system.
When you kill it it floods and wont start again until letting it sit for ample time. I have replaced fuel pump, filter, regulator, spark plugs,air filter.and cleaned the MAF sensor I checked the return fuel line and there is no blockage. Did fuel system pressure tests, and all tests are within parameters for this vehicle. Any ideas?
When I check the spark plug it is wet with gas.
Is there a heat sender, and where is it?
I just put in new distributor cap, rotor. and set of spark plugs. I still have the same problem.
Problem with my Sentra 91' Drive Gear doesn't work at First?

When i Start the Engine, Drive Gear Doesn't work. And Number 2 is almost the Same thing, I Have to Press the Over Drive before Number 2 Work.

And After running a few Blocks put it to Drive and the Drive will Work.
noise metal sound coming from below valve covers, note no selection for my car altima
Does my 91 Nissan have a timing belt or timing chain and when does it need to be replaced.
Car vibrates when driving or idles... It seems worse in warm temperatures. Does anyone know what the cause could be? We have changed the spark plugs and added a gas treatment but the problem remains.
When I depress my clutch it makes a slight rubbing sound. Does that mean my clutch needs to be replaced. I have 140k and it is the original clutch.
my 91 nissan has all its gear on the manual transmission but fifth gear. when i try to put it in to gear it just makes a grinding noise. some people saied it is the clutch fork. and some say its the clutch. what could it be?
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