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I was on my driveway and turned off the engine to then realize that I forgot to put it in park. I was still in drive so I turned on the rogue immediately and changed the gear back to park. I then wanted to see if everything was ok so I put it to reverse and backed out the driveway. Problem is that when I applied the brakes the rogue would NOT stop! It kept rolling back so I quickly pushed on the emergency brake and it finally came to a halt. I noticed that when I was trying to press on the brakes originally, they were really hard. Is my rogue OK? What happened?
Is the red light with the car symbol in the center of the instrument panel above the steering wheel part of the security system?
It's a 2013 Rogue with 121,000 mi. After running for about 30 min or more and I turn off the car, it won't start. Usually the first crank will get it to start but it will immediately stall out. After that it will just keep cranking, but not catch. Once the car cools down, it starts.
The other vents are heating up but the one nearest the drivers door isn’t
I am hearing knocking/clicking sound (sometimes called a "tappet knock") and it has been recommended that I change the valve lifters. How many do I need to purchase?
When I turn the key on
My car wouldn't start yesterday, we tried charging the battery but wouldn't work. We went to a shop and told us the battery was dead so we bought a new one. Once the new one was installed everything was working great but the check engine light came on, why?
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