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I filled up and should have been able to reach my destination and have some fuel left, however just before my destination I almost ran out of gas. Filled the tank and the display only registers 272 miles to empty when normally it’s over 300.
This problem just started today.
Work u can't the noise when o press the wash button but water doesn't come out
We were driving cold air coming out & then it just stopped. Only blows hot air
The front passenger status light as the suplemental airbag warning are both on, all the time. With passenger in or out... The car is now high in miles, we are the 4th owners (just got it). Just need to know how much will cost to fix it... Or if its a recall to go to nissan itself
Four times in the last year, when asked to accelerate to move forward, the car does not. It's not stalled, just doesn't show sounds of accelerating or moving. After a brief period, gas does flow and the car moves. It seems to happen after leaving a highway, coming to an immediate intersection, and having to stop.
how much dose it cost and where is the sensor at so i can replace it.
Cannot see out front windshield
A/c compressor is not getting power therefore no cool air cannot find the ac relay to jump it over to perform further diag
I just bought a 2012 Nissan Rogue S and when I'm shopping for tires they(sites) state a NTHSA law prevents wheels & tires from being delivered without TPMS sensors.
no warning lights indicating anything is wrong.
I am having the same issue with my Rouge and I do not have to be going long distances for it to occur. Most recently, I had just taken the car to the dealership to report the matter, they drove it around for a while and stated that they could not find the problem. Two days later, I was on my way to work when the issue surfaced again. I was on a local street, approaching a stop light when the car just lost power, the only good thing was that the light was changing as I approached so I just applied the breaks for the car to stop and hoped that it would be ready to move once the light changed. This is so inconvenient. You have to reserve a courtesy car with the dealer and they expect you to bring their car right back as soon as the call you to tell you your care is ready. I can not keep going back and forth to the dealership as I work two jobs and unless they are going to reimburse me for my time away from work this not going to work. In addition to this I have my two small children, that travel in the car with me from time to time and I really do not want to risk their safety. Nissan has apparently know about this issue since 2009 and still can not seem to have the matter resolved. What are they waiting, someone to get seriously injured or even worst, die before they try to fix the problem?
My best friends car got shattered because someone tried to brake in and tried to steal it.
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