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Battery is only 2 months old. Tried jump starting and would not engage. Lights, radio, gages working.
check engine light comes on for a few days goes off for a few then back on again code says mass air flow sensor which has been replaced twice along with air filter now what?
The noise only starts once the air has been on for a while. Turn it off and back on runs for a while then might or might not happen again
Still not working
Only works sometimes
I'm looking for the relay switch for the air conditioning compressor.
Heat works fine. But when trying to use ac I'm getting warm air not cold like it uses to be.
why is my outside temp indicator flashing
15 miles down the road the differential for that tire blue out. Oil every where. The tire light was flashing during this time. I was told the difference in tire size caused the problem. Expensive repair. Could this tire difference cause the blowout? If so, why would Nissan put 18 in tires on the car and a 16" temp?
Brought car to Nissan to have them sync a new fob in case I lost my old one. Everything worked before I went to Nissan. Now they tell me that not only can't they link any fobs to my car ,that my fob no longer works !they feel they need to pull the remote box from the car . It might need replacementWhich of course is pricey and there are no guarantees. I'm upset to say the least .
I am a rideshare driver (Lyft/Uber) and my car sees HEAVY passenger use. the 2nd row (back seat) carpet is completely worn out, and must be replaced...the carpet is disintegrating. I need HELP sourcing carpet! The dealer is of no use...
What is easiest to both get the ice off quickly and also get rid of the fog on the inside of the windshield?
I only go short distances on suburban roads.
It happens when I am going at a high rate of speed and have to brake quickly. It does not happen when braking at slow speeds.
It happens when I pull out from my parking space or backing into a parking space at very low speeds. It's so loud and it can be felt that it scares me enough to get out of the car twice in a look inside of a parking stall to see if I've hit something big and hard! Firestone can't find anything. Any help would be great!
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