2008 Nissan Rogue Questions

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Air blowing cold, no problems with it ever.Driving home on Interstate, air goes from cold to hot. Turned it off, waited a couple of hours, still blowing hot. What could it be?
If air conditioning is left on, car does not want to take off, when accelerated. I have to almost push it to the floor to get it going, then it works fine after a few seconds. Has something to do with air being on.
What could be the cause of me rogue not accelerating when I press on gas?
Problem only just started - 6/18/17
It was working fine and suddenly just turned off. Tried to change settings. Tried use heat but nothing at all is coming out the vents
So the ac blows out air but it's not cold. I think it's the compressor because it sometimes engages. Should I disconnect the battery will that reset anything?
roaring sound like a muffler or exhaust problem
I checked everything else but nothing is bad what else could keep it from not working.
Symptoms occur every couple miles. When problem does not occur the vehicle drives smooth and straight with no apparent problem and then randomly pulls to one direction or the other. Had the Struts changed and wheel alignment. No help. Suspect Steering Angle Sensor. Request estimate for replacement of Steering Angle Sensor.
All lights come on when I open ddoor and put key in ignition but when I go to start it all it does is click. Don't know if it's an alternator or starter
Mileage 109000
Replaced the fuse, blower, and control panel still nothing, what else can I do?
I bought my 2008 Nissan Rogue in 2012. I replaced the front lower control arm on both sides in May 2013 and I was just told that they need replacing again.
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