2009 Nissan Quest Questions

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The display still works .. time & temp but when I scroll thru the menu it's not right. Says average speed is 15-16 When we were just doing 55-60 coming home.. so idk if that has any thing to do with it or not
Dvd player on 09 nissan quest keeps suckin the disc in and out
looking to get fixed asap
My 2009 Nissian Quest. We will go to start it and it will start up shake bad and bog then die out. We have to sit and wait for like 30 mins or so before it will decide to start up.. does it when it feels like it.. no lights come on in the vehicle when it happens.. I’ve paid the dealership money to diagnose the problem but they say there is nothing wrong!!! HELP
It started with stalling occassionly after startup. Then it stalled on acceleration. Today it stalled, then the tcs slipped light and check engine light came on.
had a new engine put in because of this problem and still have the same noise.
I notice one day while riding my brake light came on and also all the lights on my right hand side came on and now when I try to stop it's a noise it starts to make can someone please help me with trying to understand what's wrong with my Van without having to go to the dealing and buy all kinds of money I don't have please and Thank you ?
The heater fan is stuck on high and will not turn down.
when rains water goes in
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