2008 Nissan Quest Questions

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The rear ac works but for some reason it stopped in the front I can only feel it once I'm.driving on the freeways or non stoping roads what can it be and how can I fix it.
I have a 2008 Nissan quest, today the Ac in the front stopped blowing but the AC in the rear still works? I checked the fuse but none are blown any suggestions?
Feels like it's hard to go over 40mph
flashes all the time car won't start
door has fallen off track
In my 2008 Nissan Quest LE my front a/c blower stopped working. But before it stopped working it went into high speed then stopped working, no matter the setting, temp or speed setting it does not work. Rear a/c works great including fan thankfully.
just had my car battery go out
Only seems to happen on a monthly basis
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