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Why is my Nissan Quest Engine losing power and backfiring, especially up hills and when torque is needed.
i replaced both camshaft sensors and replaced crank shaft sensor and new battery i seen this problem be asked a lot on here so hopfully it can be solved
the lights are not working
Bought 2004 Nissan Quest changed oil and all fluids then the top of the radiator exploded while the car was in park I replace the radiator "I tried to replace the thermostat" I also changed the ignition relay and the multi-purpose relay because they got wet from the antifreeze after all of that the vehicle still won't start
I need help I'm in a position in what I can't figure out anything
My key fob quit working, then the check engine light came on and now at speeds from 70-80 the TCS cuts out. The car shudders the TCS light goes on w/ another Light"SLIP" the car has died twice when those lights have been on. Car is becoming harder to start.
Where is the fuse location for the front blower?
Rear blower works great, but recently front blower stopped working.
When placing the vehicle in reverse, the RSS sensor no longer beeps.
I have changed 2 injectors I changed crank sensor cam sensor have done the timing all the ignition coils and it still misfires is it possible that the car is got a bad air fuel ratio sensor or mass air flow sensor this car is driving me crazy can't seem to think what it could be but I'm going crazy over this vehicle
how to get off the heater core

bolt spins freely and will not go in or come out, may be sheared. How do I get it out and repair?
EGR Valve it's been replaced and I still have same problem. What else can cause this problem.?? And how much will cost the repair??
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