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the car just died and we changed the pump and filter. ran air through lines to make sure there were no clogs in line. gas is getting to the engine ( coming out both lines to regulator), spray starting fluid in and starts right up then dies. will run as long as you keep spraying it in.
I have a new one just wanting to see if I can do this myself...its a 2004 nissan quest..3.5...catalytic converter
My 2001 Nissan Quest, the radio, cruise control, lighter, wipers, VCR player, and the side mirrors only work when the key is in ACC position does not work when car is in drive. ???????
switch comes on will not turn starter run wire from starter touch battery cranks and runs good
Problem just started today I stopped to put gas and now its just not turninh back on
i started the car put in reverse it started moving then i i heard a clank, and it stop it wont go forward or backward i had to push it out of the drive way what could be the problem with it.
I know it is probably just the age and mileage. But other than the age and mileage of the vehicle , which is 149,000 miles, what could be causing the Catalytic converters to be going bad? Not going thru any oil between changes.
What could the problem be?
I have installed a thermostat (which was missing, to start with), did a cooling system flush, and had the radiator "boiled out" by a professional shop. It seems there is little, or no circulation, and, the temperature almost goes to the high hot mark, but, the water temperature, itself, is not extremely hot. I can hold my finger in the reclaim tank for quite some time, and, it's only very warm.
Transmission runs fine. When I go to move the shifter handle to park it only goes to drive but is in park. Every position is off by 3 positions to the right.
What could be wromg
to connect to and the motor has slanted
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