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I just bought a 99 Quest with a 3.3 and 130,000, how would I tell if the timing belt was already replaced?

Thank you!!!
my gear select but did not move in REVERSE. it will show reverse light but refused to move. please advise on what to do.
All fuses checked are good and nothing comes up on the scanner says everything pass what else could it be ?
It seems to be "starving" for fuel, idle is rough and then engine dies
I need to repair them as it fogs up very bad during a rain and there is no heat during the winter nor any air during the summer.
I was having acceleration issues after my van was up to temp and would die when stopped and idling in gear. When checking codes I get PO 135 O2 sensor heater circuit malfunction bank one sensor. I replaced the upstream sensor and it is still having problems running and still gives the code. What should I check now?
Or does it interchange
It's a 1999 Nissan quest GXE.
run fine when cold what could make it do that? all ready replaced converter no fix
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It's the first time it's happened iwas warning it up and it died hasn't started since ,it's getting gas,turns over,but acts like there no spark
I checked everything on all the doors, it all looks good to me
have checked everything, pushed the on off interior light switch etc, it does have a door open alarm on the dash panel, we cannot figure out where that is coming from either.
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