1998 Nissan Quest Questions

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I was driving and the van jumped a lil like it jumped gears so to speak so i pulled over to check fluid it was full when backing up it didnt move but forward gears work fine.
Hesistates while driving
It doesn't die in reverse.
Los Angeles, CA, owned it for 5 years and it's originally pre-owned
location of brain box of mercury villager 98 model
I put new plugs wires cap and rotor
I replace the fuel pump relay, started fine twice then all of a sudden nothing. Wont attempt to turn over. No dash lights. Completely dead. Battery has been checked and is at 100%. I'm hoping its just the circuit breaker needing to be reset.
To Replace The Lights
trying to figure out where # 6 cylinder is at, front of engine or firewall side
having a problem going from park to drive.. Gear shift sometimes gets stuck
I start the car, and the gear shift is hard getting out of park and into gear. I have the emission code for knock sensor.
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