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there is no power of any kind when key is in ignition or when trying to crank. battery is new, but it will start with a jump.
I've changed the crank shaft sensor, distributer, coil, all wires and plugs now it'scranking not starting. any susuggestions on what to check next
i put the key in the ignition and all the lights come on the dash borad my problem is when i turn the key it wont start makes a little click noise and thats it you think its the starter cyelinoid ?? please help thanks a million david
If the my van is in park or neutral the it will run fine but once it is in gear the van will stall out if you are stopped.
Runs good non problem on starting even in the morning one click start.
Van wont go into gear. Earlier today it went into gear but would not go anywhere. Not in drive or reverse. Does anybody know what might be wrong or where to start?
Replaced O2 sensor in #1 bank, along with fuel injector, spark plug and wire.
225k 96 quest. Live on hill country. Noticed noise from front of vehicle while going up a hill the first time. Now its when accelerating too. Does not do while parked or placing in neutral in freeway and accelerating. It shifts fine, no loss of power. Noisier the more gas I give it. Just replaced front cracked manifold. It was very quiet when I did that. A/C makes no difference. Quiet on overdrive. Any downshifting when going up any inclines and you can start to hear it. Hard to describe the noise.
engine dies off?
the pcv has never been replaced and the speedometer reads 200000 miles
whate is the estimated cost to replace these items?
Periodical symptoms:
1st- while driving on the freeway my van will shift out of overdrive for about 4 to 7 miles and then correct itself.
2nd- as I start to run the van the gear will snap at low gear. Also notice gear takes a little longer to change.
i open the hood and look at the engine. where is the pcv valve located
Misses when giving gas. Was able to spray MAP cleaner inside dist would run fine couple days later will start missing again. any ideas
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