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Just put new head gaskets on and put it back together, Gutted cat. converter and put it back on. Had a grinding noise first time we tried to recrank after going a couple miles running fine. The next time we tried to crank it didn't make that noise. It just won't start.
I just got it out the tow yard from recovery.It was stolen since November 7th 2015...It was smelling like gas when I picked it up may 26th 2016.i realized it was leaking gas this afternoon June 2, 2016...I
Engine starts and idles smooth, then suddenly reves, up and down on its own. While driving I get power loss , engine bucks and surges then drops back to steady idle ,no stalling . It's messing with the tranny.
Radio suddenly quit will turn on but no sound and after a few seconds it shuts off. How can I fix or check to see if it can be fixed?
my 1994 nissan quest with 232840 miles runs slow with no pick up
i have put fluid in power steering and a repair fluid also, noise seems like a grinding noise.
I just bought it can you advise me on the way to make them work Thank You
and van lurch's and transmission jumps.
failed inspection because seat is broken, helpp?????????????????
runs great when cold. after comming to norm temp begins to miss appears to be elect. at worst state the tac will lock on 1000 rpm at idle and will lock on 40000 rpm when i touch gas ped willhold 4000 rpm regardless of motor speed until it returns to 1000 rpm at idle
find it? could anybody help,please.

nissan will recall it?
I changed the fuel pump in hopes that this would fix my moms problem but it did not. what is left to fix to correct this. i can only think of the cluster but did not want to go through the trouble if i didnt have to. can u please help:)
My car will not turn mostly left, it turns right a little. The steering wheel gets stuck and won't turn. My repair guy says something broke from the rack and pinion and it was dangerous to drive. He didn't have to tell me that, because I could barly steer and had to rent a car when I got stuck trying to turn a corner, and blocked traffic for almost 35 minutes. I was simply going to junk the car, but it has heat, a/c, a nice sound system, it runs pretty good, I really want to repair it, but was wondering if it is worth it. It has 180,000 miles, but I love it so much.
happens al the time was fine before till last month
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