1997 Nissan Pickup (D21) Questions

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Replaced head gasket put every thing back fired up ran fune in idle went ti drive xut out rough idle when in gear driveing got ti the end of the block temp started to climb parked back in my drive way started ti smoke white out of exhaught shut tryck off know wont start
the motor went out on thh 87 hardbody truck and i found a 97 hardbody wondering if it will bolt up
It happened about 2 yrs ago, and it is doing it again now. It just won't start. Battery and starter and everything else seems to be okay. It started last week and now it is doing the same thing again
TPS sensor adjustments.
i am depressing clutch petal and turning ignition on to start, i am only getting a lot of dashboard lights lighting on.
I have a obd2 of p0110 which said to check o2 sensor but the fuse is blown and I have no volts in the harness. I've checked the fuse box and nothing anyone know where the fuse is
It does not work at all.
Good starter good battery good alternater
Replaced sensor in top of bell house and rotor and dist.cap
Also replaced sensor in top bell house and new rotor button and dist. cap
I can't find a place to buy the EVAP control system pressure sensor for my '97 pickup/hardbody truck.
In addition, is it common to have this sensor go bad? Or, is it more common to have the other components that you mentioned go bad--like the canister for example. By the way, The fumes of my truck smell strong.
Also, can I use the sensor from a Nissan pathfinder of the same year?
ABS light and brake light stay on all the time. My dome light burns out after just a few uses of the new bulb every time. When I hit right around 68 mph my truck spudders until about 69-70 mph. Also my temp Guage doesn't work anymore. I'm so busy working almost 80 hours a week so I haven't made time to troubleshoot these things. Can anyone offer ant help? Thanks.
So I have a 92 d21 with a ka24e I recently broke my ignition so went to just ignition switch and kill switch. Just this Friday night after changing a slave cylinder I parked my truck in the driveway like normal while it was idling I was trying to find my key I use for my ignition switch and try to turn it off with my finger because I was in a rush. After trying for a second I pushed and the ignition switch moved back a little bit and completely shut off my truck as if I turned the key off. Now The truck won't start and I have power to pretty much everything except anything that has to do with ignition. Power to the entire bottom half of my fuse panel in the cab. But no power to the top row
My truck sat unused for 6 months. Now it will not idle without holding the gas pedal to keep it running when stopped. Sometimes that's difficult holding the clutch, brake and gas. An old manual ('84-'98) said to disconnect the electronic fuel injector plug before messing with the idle screw. Trouble is, I can't find the screw. I think I found the EFI plug on the right side of the breather (like the photo).
The fan will blow when its really cold outside, but stops after the motor starts to warm up. It never runs in hot weather. I need air for defrosting and ventilation. I can do without AC, but not heat.
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