1996 Nissan Pickup (D21) Questions

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I replaced the scv solenoid and cleared codes. Started it let it run and warm up. Same issue. Check engine light came back on and same p1130 code. I have cleaned throttle body and maf sensor. Put 2 new O2 sensors in. I have an irregular idle and when motor hits 1700-1800rpm it will cut out like it's hitting a rev limiter. But if I push gas a little more it will run fine. It's just at around 1700rpm it cuts out and will come back. And the irregular idle.
I am looking for a transmission to a 1996 Nissan Pickup and wanted to know if a transmission to a 1990 Nissan pickup would fit?
Doesnt do it when it needs the gas, or when completely off of the gas. Only in between. Barely giving it the gas is when it happens. It does not matter how fast I am going.
What will cause it to miss every o once in a while then run good
If the transmission itself want work can I use the guts to fix mine?
Its stuck in reverse but still shifts into other gears but not smoothly
When I shift into a forward gear the truck tries to go forward and reverse at same time. In neutral truck tries to move ba ckward
when it cools down it will start right up until its gets hot and acts like its flooding again.
We just replaced the timing chain, tensioner, all gaskets and seals that go along with this.. The truck was "rattling" before and we thought this fix would solve that issue. We are still getting a "high, quick rattling" sound in the 2500-3000 rpm range, right before we shift into next gear. Just curious if anyone had any advice on what could be causing it or what we could do next. Thanks
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