1995 Nissan Pickup (D21) Questions

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I can put the truck in drive and try take off slow it starts hesatateing like it is starving for gas getting to much air I try to punch the gas to kick in the passing gear it surges so bad it dies and uses $20 in gas within 18 miles
Oil is milky and white smoke comes out. Thinking about getting a used engine. Would that take care of the head gasket problem?
Warning chime will not alert me when I turn my ignition off and the lights are left on.
My transmission is going out, needs to be replaced, my friend has a 1996 Nissan truck with bad motor. Will his 1996 transmission fit in my 1995 truck? Are there any differences?
And when it fails it throw a "speed sensor" code . What and where is the speed sensor and what else should I do to fix it?
But it doesn't show on the tac. I've replaced the coil, plugs, wires, cap n rotor button. It's throwing Knock sensor and detonation codes. Starts and runs great other than that. I can feel the miss pretty strongly in the cab. Thank you.
Car won't start
How to get it out
Wasn't sure if I should put some kind of gasket or seal behind the timing chain tensioner or if it just goes metal-to-metal
power to starter, headlights, but not to signals, radio, wipers, heater motor, no dash lights, open door signal etc.
I recently changed the starter and ingnition switch thinking it would fix the problem and still nothing I have to ouch start it everytime for it to turn on
Truck won't turn over at all. The switches that are next to my brake pad can this be bypassed. I think they maybe bad. Automatic transmission switches not working
afer ten or so miles the light gose off and the odometer starts working
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